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Incubating Cooling Orbital Shakers

Save Incubator Space with Benchtop Orbital Shakers
OHAUS Incubating Cooling Orbital Shakers are designed to incubate samples from 10° below ambient to 65°C. Incubating Cooling Mini Shaker is designed to hold two microplates or two optional modular tube blocks in a variety of configurations. All models feature touchpad controls with easy-to-read, independent LED displays for temperature, speed and time. Microprocessor control provides consistent uniform shaking action.
Incubating Cooling Orbital Shakers Features
The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent, uniform shaking action. The microprocessor will display the last setpoint and will restart if power is interrupted.
Triple eccentric drive with permanently lubricated ball bearings and maintenance-free brushless DC motor provides reliable service and continuous duty operation.
Units slowly increase speed to desired setpoint to avoid splashing. Both models feature overload protection. Audible & visual signals activate when the system detects an obstruction or tray overload.
Incubating Cooling Orbital Shakers Models
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Temperature Range
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Speed Range
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Orbital, 3 mm
2 Microplates or 2 Modular Blocks
Temperature Range
10°C below Ambient – 65°C
Incubating Cooling Orbital Shakers Product Details
Immunoassays, Hybridizations, Cell Cultures, Bacterial & Yeast Cultures and Suspensions, ELISA Assays, PCR, Enzyme Reactions
Easy-to-read, independent LED displays for temperature, speed and time allow the operator to view all settings simultaneously
Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included)
Cast aluminum housing with polycarbonate lid, brushless DC motor
Design Features
Spill-resistant design, overload protection, caution hot indicator
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